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About us

Crep LDN is one of the most exclusive online stores in Europe exhibiting rare and limited edition footwear. Not only do we specialise in providing exclusive footwear, we also stock limited edition clothing and accessories.

Founded in 2014, Crep LDN was established by a sneaker collector who wanted to share the opportunity with people worldwide who were not able to acquire such rare footwear. 


Background of Crep LDN

The word 'Crep' means sneakers. It became the most common name for sneakers in the United Kingdom. This was the first part of the company name which was established. As for 'LDN', this is a known abbreviation for the city London. As Crep LDN is founded and based in the heart of London, it was imperative 'LDN' was a part of the company name. The founder wanted to ensure London represented exclusive footwear.